"His new album It's Where You Are confirms what many musicians already know, this guy is the real deal... It's Where You Are should certify Van Tassel as a major player in contemporary/traditional jazz. A highly recommended release from Tone Rogue Records."


Jon Neudorf

Sea of Tranquility


"An emerging talent of the New York Jazz scene...The music by Van Tassel,

very well rooted in the jazz tradition, has the advantage of seeking new paths,

different textures and sounds...great elegance and intensity." 

Alfredo Romeo

Drumset Magazine


“Andrew Van Tassel brings post bop sounds with...richly brewing sounds over the restless rhythm on pieces like “High Holborn” and the gentle cadence of the dreamy ”Goodnight Moon.”... Brainy with a heart.”

George W. Harris

Jazz Weekly


“A solid sax man that's finding his footing and his style as he finds his way in a world without rules anymore, his blowing will take him to the right places...Everyone is in sync here and the results are top notch throughout.”

Chris Spector

Midwest Record